Saturday, January 12, 2019

My Books Hidden Messages

When it comes to movies and television series, the below list all have at least one thing in common, that being some sort of Plot Twist or something that was a surprise and not expected. Their genres may not be the same, however the writers presented a story that provided entertainment coupled with an unexpected answer or event within the stories that in some manner gave us a sense of closure, justice, revenge, or just a sense of relief for one of the characters.

In my books “Forgotten Soldiers” and “Till the Cows Come Home,” plus book projects in progress, my intent is to provide similar plot twist, surprise, and unexpected outcomes that provide the reader with a sort of satisfaction with the stories ending. Another intent is to insert in a subtle manner identifying a hidden message that draws attention to an injustice within our society, injustices that
anger us and should not be ignored.

My intention is to entertain while drawing attention to either issues or events we should not forget, and social justice issues that should not be ignored due to political and social correctness.

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American Psycho, Atonement, Devil, Dexter, Ex-Machina, Gone Baby Gone, Gone Girl, Last House on the Left (2009), Little Children, Mystic River, Planet of the Apes (Original), Psycho, Shawshank Redemption, Room, Sixth Sense, Sleepers, Split, Spotlight, The Departed, The Others, The Prestige, The Punisher, Usual Suspects, Westworld (Series), Without a Trace (movie)

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