Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Till The Cows Come Home Release October 26

Just in time for Halloween

Just another Happy Halloween Short Story, without the ghouls or goblins but disturbing to say the least.
The first installment in the Farmerville Series begins with Ron Farmer, a four-year veteran of the rural Hobbs County Sheriff’s Department. Ron had a rather normal life without much excitement, a sharp contrast from when he was a Green Beret deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. The traditional Halloween festivities are no match for what was set in motion when Ron made a traffic on the Friday of Halloween eve. No ghouls or goblins in this story, but the events that transpire involving two escaped convicts, a family of four, two migrant workers, Ron and his daughter Laura, are far more disturbing, sinister, terrifying, and real, than any ghouls and goblins story.

Release Date October 26

eBook available for Pre-Order

Paperback also available

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Poll for Book Cover "Till The Cows Come Home"

Hello Everyone,
I'm looking for feedback on a proposed cover for my upcoming Novella "Till The Cows Come Home." 
If all goes to plan will be out by Halloween
Option 1 Warren in Red - Option 2 Warren in White
Thank you

Monday, September 10, 2018

AudioBooks: From Your Words to Their Ears

On Wednesday September 12, 2018, the St. Louis Publishers Association with present George Sirois, who will discuss the topic of Audiobooks. 
For decades, audiobooks have been looked at as an unattainable medium for independent and self-published authors. But thanks to Amazon creating Audible and their production house ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange), we now have a surplus of opportunities at our fingertips. And with companies like Author’s Republic and Findaway Voices getting involved, this sudden shift in our favor also raises a lot of questions about what direction is best for you. Where will your audiobook be available? What kind of narrator should you choose? How will you pay for them? What additional options does each platform provide? What if you want to put it together yourself?
Author & voice actor George Sirois will address these questions and more with his upcoming presentation, Audiobooks: From Your Words to Their Ears, on Wednesday, September 12 for the St. Louis Publishers Association. Since 2015, he has lent his voice to internal business presentations, promotional materials for authors’ websites, and audiobooks. He has also produced for other authors, including bestseller Sheri Fink’s The Little Rose and The Little Seahorse, and Derek Taylor Kent’s award-winning audiobook Kubrick’s Game.” He has done all of this — the narrating, editing, and producing — on his own in his home studio in Imperial, Missouri, and he looks forward to answering your questions about ACX, Findaway Voices, Author’s Republic, finding the proper talent, creating your own audiobook, what to do with it once it's uploaded, and more!

Monthly Meeting Admission
  • Members – FREE
  • Non-member Guests – $10 per person, cash or check at the door
(Guest fee will be applied to Membership if you decide to join at that meeting)Doors open at 6:30 PM for networking. Business meeting begins at 7:00 PM and continues till 8:30 PM.
Our regular Monthly Meeting location
(the second Wednesday of every month)
THE HEIGHTS: Richmond Heights Community Center
Argus Room  •  8001 Dale Ave.  •  Richmond Heights, MO 63117
Here's a link to Google Maps for location and directions.