Saturday, March 31, 2012

Forgotten Soldiers Receives First Endorsement

Hello Everyone,
Some great news,  I received the first endorsement for my upcoming book, “Forgotten Soldiers: What Happened to JacobWalden” from Author and friend Steve Newman.  Steve and a few others were provided advanced copies of the book and gracious enough to read it.  It is an honor to receive an endorsement from Steve, author of “The Night Eagles Soared” and “BurntYellow and Red”    
Forgotten Soldiers will be available in early May 2012 and you can now place your advance order direct from me at my blog site

Forgotten Soldiers by Warren Martin pulls the reader into an intriguing Cold War saga filled with mystery.  What ever happened to Jacob Walden, an Air Force Captain who was shot down over North Vietnam during the height of the war?  The answers are revealed in this pulse racing mystery that takes the reader on a fantastic journey around the world!  A quick and enjoyable read; be prepared for adventure!