Saturday, January 19, 2013

Get Er Done

If you’re stuck in a rut or thinking of trying something different to take control of your life or be more productive, you should check out Mike Martel’s Get Er Done: The Green Beret Guide to Productivity. 
There are all kinds of productivity and self-help books out there, but Get Er Done presents unique but yet common sense methods to achieving personal and professional results. What Mike presents in his book and other media is something that many of us with similar backgrounds in Special Forces practice in our daily lives with great success, and is something that can be adopted by anyone who wants to achieve and learn some new ways to be more productive and successful. – Warren Martin

Taking control of your life doesn’t have to be difficult…
Get Er Done – The Green Beret Guide to Productivity gives you principles from which you will get amazing results and find you are performing at levels you never thought possible. It is a simple, easy-to-read system that gives you a workable, proven list of things you can put in action, right now and have positive results in getting things done. Some will fit your personality, some won’t. It is for you to pick from and apply them immediately. There is no heavy reading and no long dialogue to struggle through. Just useful information that you will use instantly to take total control of your life. You’ll see results from day one, and by the end of a month you will wonder why getting things done ever seemed to be a problem.