Sunday, March 2, 2014

Authors Supporting Our Troops 2014

154 authors sending 1260 books... so far

  Recently I was introduced to Armand Rosamilia via a mutual friend on Facebook. Armand came up an idea to offer some sort of support and also a way to show some appreciation for our US Troops overseas by creating a Facebook Event to collect autographed books from authors that will be sent to Afghanistan and other places where US Troops are stationed.  Aside from being a worthy cause, being a retired Army guy myself I have a personal interest in anything that can be done to support our people and so I jumped on board and donated some books.  At the time of posting this, 154 Authors have donated 1260 books, with more on the way.

  If you are an Author it’s not too late to participate, click Here to get to the Facebook Event Page and contact Armand.   We also purchased event T-shirts to assist with shipping costs and so if you like to get a T-shirt you can go this link and get one.   

Thank you for reading and for your support, and please remember  that there are numerous ways to support our Troops.  Most of you may not be Authors but there are other ways to provide support. While there a lot I could mention, I'll share the Green Beret Foundation with you and will admit to being a bit bias since I'm on the Advisory Board.  The Green Beret Foundation provides resources to facilitate the special needs of our wounded, ill and injured and imparts unique support to the Special Forces community in order to strengthen readiness and uphold Green Beret traditions and values.  You can go to the link and read move about what this organization does and how to make a donation.  

Like I said, there are many ways to support, be it though a Facebook event like Authors Support Our Troops, the Green Beret Foundation, or one of the many other organizations that provide support to our Troops - it's up to you who and how you support.  

 In closing I'll leave you with a version of the Star Spangled Banner that I like and find to be very inspirational performed by Madison Rising