Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Five Star Review for Forgotten Soldiers

★★★★★ Another Five Star Review for Forgotten Soldiers
 – that makes 20 Five Star reviews

 Thank you to the Fans, Reviewers, Veterans, and everyone for your support and helping to keep the POW/MIA message alive “You Are Not Forgotten”

★★★★★Mind blowing truth and fiction, think about those who serve and thank god because we all Take our freedom for granted, thank all vets for their sacrifice.
★★★★★Great story, almost thought it was a true story…

★★★★★This novel could easily be made into a movie! There are twists and turns that could only be written by a soldier. I enjoyed the great detail the author lavished throughout the book. I was there and could see what he wrote which made it even more exciting!

★★★★★This book is truly captivating… Once I got into the book it was very difficult to put it down.

★★★★★This book is listed as Historical Fiction but reads like history, or as one of my teachers once told me: His Story.
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