Tuesday, July 24, 2012


“Forgotten Soldiers: What Happened to Jacob Walden”

The revised edition of Forgotten Soldiers is now available.  With the assist of proof readers and a new editor (Ken Farmer) we have taken care of issues that were noted in the first version.The Revision did not change the story itself, only some structural and grammar concerns.

Forgotten Soldiers is a fictional account of an Air force Captain who was shot down in Vietnam in 1970 and has never returned home.  I’ve called the story a cross between a Cold War Mystery and Historical War Fiction that spans almost forty years, and as one endorsement has already stated, “…to tell any more would be a spoiler.” 

While the book is a work of fiction and filled with what I hope provides the reader with mystery, suspense, conspiracy and action, it is also a story that I want to use to create awareness of the Forgotten Cold War Era Veterans. It is my hope to help create awareness, educate and keep the POW/MIA memory and pledge “You Are Not Forgotten” alive.   

The paperback version of book is now available direct from me through my links on this blog and also through my website link.  
I am currently donating $2 from each purchase made from my website to the Green Beret Foundation
 The Kindle version is available at Amazon.

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