Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Man Who Claims To Be Lost U.S. Vietnam Vet John Hartley Robertson 'Is A Fraud'

The past few weeks have seen the marketing of what was being called a Documentary about Green Beret John Robertson, who was considered Killed in Action in Laos in 1968. The premise for the documentary film title Unclaimed was conceived when a Vietnam Veteran recently returned to Vietnam and while there met a man who claimed to be Robertson.
Filmmaker Michael Jorgenson tackled the project of making the documentary and as the story was described in the Toronto Star, the Business Insider, and the movie website, Jorgenson made what is being considered by many as a very emotional and tearful true story film about an American who never returned from Vietnam and a reunion with family and friends.

Fraud - Fiction as Truth

Many of us remember and Loved Chuck Norris and his
Missing in Action Movies, and then there is also my book "Forgotten Soldiers," but these are FICTION, and although there may be an agenda to draw attention to the POW/MIA issue, they are not portrayed as Documentary or truth.   

Journalist and Army Veteran Robert Johnson of Business Insider did a follow-up story exposing the Fraud and the fact that the person impersonating Robertson is actually a Vietnamese citizen named Dang Than Ngoc. Check out Johnson's Article for the details including fingerprint, DNA, and US Government and first hand accounts of the impersonation of a US Military person going back decades. 

The Unclaimed documentary is not for entertainment, but rather to present an emotional injustice, and seems to portray an anti US Government slant implying that Robertson was not wanted by his country. Suspicious minds would ask how can a filmmaker make a documentary about a man and not do their homework, ignore existing evidence, not obtain physical evidence, and ignore the known citizenship and reputation of a man whose real name is Dang Than Ngoc. Many would believe an ulterior motive, be it political or financial gain.

Is it possible that Americans were never returned after the Vietnam War? Many of us believe it is, and base that belief on personal knowledge, Cold War related documents and Communist policy from WWII, Korean War, the French Vietnam War, and Cold War practices. As for the mis-classified documentary Unclaimed, the damage has already been done: a fallen Green Beret’s identity has have been stolen (Stolen Valor ), a filmmaker will profit, and an unknowing audience will have fallen victim to trusting a filmmakers movie to be true and develop yet another false perception of the US Government, the American people, and the Vietnam War.

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