Thursday, September 27, 2012

Riveting Novel - Blackjack Bomber

Riveting! Latest 5-Star Review – September 26, 2012

A group of jaded middle-aged men who get together for their weekly card meetings ponder their dead end lives and try to find a way to break out of their doldrums. What happens next, in this riveting thriller is a story that could very well be taken from today's headlines. T.C. Miller delivers a powerful story that will keep you turning the pages until the exciting conclusion.

Review by Jeffrey Miller Author of War Remains &

 If you missed my earlier post about Blackjack Bomber, don’t miss out on a book that is a combo of Military, terrorist and law enforcement related material with with plausible plots and lots of twist, turns and suspense.

About T.C. Miller

T.C. Miller served 20 years in the Air Force Reserve, retiring in 1993.  T.C. is an Hakkoryu Jujitsu enthusiast and has been practicing and teaching it since the 1970’s.  T.C. lives in Mcloud Oklahoma with his wife and is co-owner of Winter Oak Studio. T.C. released his first novel “Blackjack Bomber”
In 2012 and has a sequel “Blackjack Bay” in the works for release in 2013.
You can check out T.C. Millers website and also get his book at Amazon.

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