Sunday, September 23, 2012


  A Novel by T.C. Miller

For those of you who have interest in Military related, terrorist and law enforcement type of books with plausible plots and lots of twist, turns and suspense, Check out Black Jack Bomber .

The Story and Background:
Five average, middle-aged suburban guys jokingly call themselves the Thursday Night Mafia, and their weekly blackjack game appears to be an innocent pastime. But looks can be deceiving, as casual talk over cards leads to an ill-fated plot to scam Lake Tahoe casinos. Their lives are thrown into a downward spiral faster than you can shuffle the cards.

Caught red-handed by mob goons, and facing certain death if they don't repay a fortune they don't have, they turn to Rick. He secretly schemes to use their inside knowledge of Air Force operations to his own end, as they commandeer a plane with nuclear weapons for ransom.

But the Black Jack Bomber holds secrets bigger than Rick's, and a crack security team of Air Force specialists and National Security agents race against the clock to hunt down Rick. His vengeful plan includes the destruction of Lake Tahoe and the death of thousands of people, and that's just for starters. He must be captured and the ultra-secret BlackStar System recovered before he can auction it off to the international terrorist community.

About T.C. Miller
T.C. Miller served 20 years in the Air Force Reserve, retiring in 1993.  T.C. is an Hakkoryu Jujitsu enthusiast and has been practicing and teaching it since the 1970’s.  T.C. lives in Mcloud Oklahoma with his wife and is co-owner of Winter Oak Studio. T.C. released his first novel “Black Jack Bomber” in 2012 and has a sequel “Black Jack Bay” in the works for release in 2013.
You can check out T.C. Millers website and also get his book at Amazon.
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