Sunday, January 22, 2017

Ebooks Sold in one Month - 3,000

I recently read a friends Facebook post about selling 3,000 ebooks in one month and achieving a recorded 1,075,000 Kindle Normalized pages read, I had to ask what is the strategy?

KenFarmer kindly shared the strategy used to market and build an audience:

Well, primarily, it's like we've said from day 1. You gotta write a series of books.  Assuming, they're worth a (edited 😊), if a reader likes the first, then they'll automatically buy the rest. You have to keep 'em coming. The other thing we did starting last August was to price all of our books at $0.99 and sign them up exclusively with KDP Select.
 "But one thing I never, but never do is ask anyone to 'buy my book'." post something in the way of content daily, whether it's one of my PONDERINGS with a link to one of the books or an excerpt. But one thing I never, but never do is ask anyone to 'buy my book'. That's a real turn off. Give them something that helps them or post a recent 5 Star review and just put the link to the page on Amazon. Don't say 'check this out', 'go here', 'buy my book' or anything of the sort. Just post the link. That action will automatically post the book cover. If it's interesting enough, they will go to the page on Amazon. Plus you have to post something different each day. So many amateurs post the same thing over and over again...people will start skimming over it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Farmer didn't write his first full novel until he was sixty-nine years of age. He often wonders what the hell took him so long. At age seventy-five…He just released #16, Blue Water Woman, sequel to Lady Law. Ken's newest novel, FLYNN (#8 in the Nations Series) due to be released by January 2017…read more about Ken Farmer

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