Monday, August 27, 2012

The Nations

A True Western-Not just for the Western Fan

Authors Ken Farmer and Buck Stienke continue to exceed expectations in their latest Novel. The Nations, is a story that takes place in the late 1800’s about the real life US Deputy Marshall Bass Reeves who worked the Indian Territories for the infamous Hanging Judge—Judge Isaac C. Parker.

Marshall Bass Reeves
The Nations and the accounting of Marshall Reeves encounters with the lawless, his thirty year career, and the fact that Bass Reeves was also a Black Man, is brilliantly told through the authors unique and excellent writing style of telling a story through the characters themselves.  The reader is drawn into the story with the sense of participation through dialogue and details of the era that gives a true sense of being there.  The Nations is more than a Western; it has characters, sub-story lines and subject matter that are identifiable with the problems and issues of people today.

The Nations is a true western with a real hero and authentic characters and details. As with all of Farmer-Stienke novels, the Nations is packed full of action, adventure, twist and turns, and saying any more would ruin the story for future readers. 

For the Western buffs, this is a winner, and for those who’ve never liked Westerns, The Nations will change your mind and give you a new admiration for the way of the West.

For more about Bass Reeves you go to the US Marshall Museum Website at

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