Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Facebook Timeline Cover

Create You Own & Self-Promotion

I was recently inspired by a friend’s new cover image he did for his Facebook page.  Bob Baker of the St. Louis Publishers Association (SLPA) created a cover image that promotes himself while not violating any of the Facebook rules.

Following Bob’s lead I sat down and after about an hour had created a collage type image that reflected a timeline of sorts of my life, and of course part of my life happens to be a book I had written and so an image of the book cover was in the final product.  I was a little surprised by the large numbers of responses I received after posting the new cover image on my Facebook Timeline and can tell you it can get attention.

How do you make your Timeline Cover Image?
I used PowerPoint to create the image.  I found the dimension for the page on Google. First thing is to create a new file and then before anything else set up the page size. When you go into page setup, set the width to 8.85 inches and the height to 3.28 inches. You will need to keep a 1 inch high and 1.7 inch wide space on the bottom left of the worksheet so that when you’re finished the profile picture will not overlap anything you put on your image collage.  I made a blank square where the profile picture overlaps and then took it out later.

There are probably hundreds of variations of a collage you  can make, but you will need to know a little about PowerPoint, so if you already know PowerPoint or some other software, that’s great, but if you don’t, you can learn it,  just might take a little while but you can figure it out and there are plenty of people that can probably assist you.
When you’re done, save the worksheet as a JPEG file, then you can upload it to Facebook and there you have it, the image should fit perfectly and visitors to your page can see a snapshot or timeline of you, your interest, or whatever theme you chose to make.

The collage type of image for your Facebook Timeline Cover is a great way to let friends and visitors know something about you, and if one of the something’s about you is your occupation or hobby such as writing, that’s great too.

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